Curtain Cleaning Cost – How to Lower Your Costs

curtain cleaning

What is Curtain Cleaning? It is one of those chores that has been neglected in most households, leaving it to the elderly to do it instead. Most curtains are manufactured from woven natural fabrics which gather dirt, dust, and animal hair while human shape spores grow on them. This must be kept clean to maintain a homely and clean environment.

Curtain Cleaning at Home

Curtain Cleaning at Home is not only about keeping draperies clean but also keep the rest of the house clean and dirt free. You will find dust, pet dander, dirt, and even mould growth in all areas of the house, but especially in the draperies. The longer it remains there, the worse it becomes. This is where curtain cleaning comes into play.

Curtains and blinds need to be cleaned regularly as they can attract all sorts of harmful germs and moulds. If you leave your curtain cleaning services to others, you might never get your curtain cleaned or your blinds cleaned. As mentioned above, it is not only the draperies and the blinds themselves which need to be cleaned but the entire home as well. You might have some dirt accumulated in the corners of the rooms and it does not seem to matter to you because you think you have done enough sweeping or mopping already. But, if you let others handle the cleaning part of these home projects then you will surely notice a huge difference in the way your room’s smell, look and feel.


When it comes to curtain cleaning services, there are a few supplies that are needed to help you. Among these supplies is a vacuum cleaner with a head containing a brush attachment, a bottle of either warm water or chlorine bleach, and some damp rags. The most common type of curtain cleaning machine is the one that comes from the laundry. This is used to suck up the dirt, dust, and debris from the curtain itself. However, you can also buy an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum for this purpose.

curtain cleaning

When you are choosing a curtain cleaning machine, you should buy the machine that comes with the accessories. For instance, if you do not have a dryer set in your home then buy a dryer with attachments. This will help you use your dryer daily. Likewise, you should invest in a good quality curtain cleaning brush. Before buying a brush, you should inspect it first so that you know what kind of bristles it contains. Brushing usually takes out the dirt but it can also damage your fabric if you use the wrong bristles.

Another important accessory for curtain cleaning is the dust extractor. This accessory is used to suck up the dust and dirt from the draperies. There are many types of dust extractors and all of them are designed for different purposes. Some have a long handle and others can be easily held by hand.


If you want to lower your curtain cleaning cost, then you should make sure that you buy a curtain rod that matches the rod of your drapes. You may consider buying two rods so that you can put your curtains and draperies on at the same time. Besides, buying a curtain rod that is a little thicker is usually advisable. This is because you can use it to completely cover the bottom part of the curtain without having to use the tabs.

Although there are many different accessories that you can buy for your curtains, the most expensive ones are those that are used by professional dry cleaning companies. However, if you are looking for a simple and less expensive solution then you can save money by making use of curtain rods and tabs yourself. The most important thing that you need to remember is to make sure that you protect your delicate curtains and draperies from dust and other particles that can harm them. For this reason, curtain cleaning companies often provide a protective covering for your drapes and they can do this at a very affordable price.